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As a country superstar, Carrie Underwood definitely knows how to “make it work,” and now the Grammy award winner will show off her fierce fashion knowledge as guest judge on Project Runway‘s season 14 finale.

Underwood, 32, will join Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen in the judges’ chairs during New York Fashion Week to crown the winner of the latest installment in the Emmy-nominated series.

The mom of Isaiah, 6 months, will be joining the ranks of previous Runway guest judges Jessica Simpson, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Hudson.

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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He may be a little young to understand complex musical ideas like key signatures and scales, but Carrie Underwood’s baby boy isn’t too young to try. Isaiah could just be mashing the keys, but who cares? He looks adorable doing it in this pic shared by the “Smoke Break” singer.

It’s the first time anyone has seen a baby pic in months, and while we don’t get to see his face, his back is enough to put a smile on our faces. Can we talk about that outfit? Little man is wearing a plum blazer over his diaper — our research team is still doing research, but we’re pretty sure that’s the look Mozart went with at a young age.

Predictably, Underwood’s fans on Instagram were more than appreciative of the photo, the first she’s shared of Isaiah since a pic of the boy and her hubby Mike Fisher on her tour bus earlier this month. He’s nearing his six-month birthday, and looks to be sitting up with ease. Whether or not he’s playing “Chopsticks” is anyone’s guess.

Underwood’s Instagram page has been a good place to hang out in recent weeks. She shared a picture of her new Storyteller album cover there on Tuesday, and video from post-show at the Iowa State Fair earlier this week. Pics of her workouts, dogs, family and breakfast pop up regularly.

Musically, Underwood is working on releasing her next studio album on Oct. 23. Storyteller will feature the lead single “Smoke Break,” which was released to radio last week.

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Forget the front row. This season country singer Carrie Underwood and her gorgeous gams will be behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, as she hosts a pop-up-style activation for her line with Dick’s Sporting Goods called Calia by Carrie Underwood.

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The event will take place at The HQ, a new Fashion Week venue, and also will feature instant shopping for guests immediately after her line is presented on Sept. 10. She told WWD, “I’ve been a spectator at Fashion Week a few times, but this is the first time I’ll be involved.”

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Being able to purchase the pieces from her fitness and lifestyle apparel brand — which include capris, sweaters and tops for layering — was important to her, since she said one of her frustrations is waiting six months from seeing something on the runway to actually being able to buy it. Naturally Underwood, whose new album Storyteller drops Oct. 23, also will curate the presentation’s soundtrack — talk about a no-brainer.

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“Each album so far has had its own look, its own feel, its own sound…”

After over three years without a new studio album, Carrie Underwood returns with a new record this fall, Storyteller. Despite being a chart-topping staple for a decade, she admits she still has some pre-release jitters.

“This is the longest time I’ve taken between studio albums,” Underwood tells EW. “I’ve been listening to some of these songs for two years and to still be excited about them is great but then it’s like ‘Oh my gosh, is everybody else going to like it?’ I’m more nervous now that I’ve taken time.”

But if the reaction to Storyteller’s lead single “Smoke Break” is any indication, longtime fans will be thrilled with the new album.

“Never have I heard a new single on the radio the day it was released…until today!” Underwood tweeted Thursday. “Woo hoooo!!! I think it’s a good sign!”

She released the video for “Smoke Break” four days later, which features the laid-back vibe Underwood promises from all 13 new tracks. “I feel like [Storyteller] is just really relatable,” she says. “There’s going to be a lot of songs on the album that people can listen to and be like ‘I totally get what you’re trying to say.’”

Underwood also showcases the album’s easygoing attitude in Storyteller’s cover, which EW is excited to debut:

“Each album so far has had its own look, its own feel, its own sound, Underwood says, “and this upcoming album is definitely no exception.”

Storyteller is due out Oct. 23.

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Carrie Underwood is back and looking hotter. than. ever.

Only ET has the official world premiere of Underwood’s brand new music video, “Smoke Break,” along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage! See the full video below, then hit the player at the top of this post for more from Underwood on the set. (And read on to find out what she has in store for fans on her new album, Storyteller. We’ll wait…)

Carrie Underwood is back and looking hotter. than. ever.

Only ET has the official world premiere of Underwood’s brand new music video, “Smoke Break,” along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage! See the full video below, then hit the player at the top of this post for more from Underwood on the set. (And read on to find out what she has in store for fans on her new album, Storyteller. We’ll wait…)

OK, now that you’ve presumably watched that video at least 10 times, let’s dig in to the interview.

“For the storyline, I really just wanted it to be mainly about strong women — strong beautiful women who are doing everything that the boys do,” Underwood said on set. “And at the end, we all get together and have our break. Hardworking during the front-end of the video and having our break, our ‘Smoke Break,’ at the end of the video.”

As ETonline previously reported, “Smoke Break” is the first single off Underwood’s next album, Storyteller, out Oct. 23.

“I always look for directions for an album to go in — not that every single song has to fit into one single category, but some new feel, some new look, some new sound,” she said. “I want to grow as an artist and I just want every album to have its own feeling and then it all feels different and it all works together when I’m on tour.

“So with this one, with Storyteller, things ended up being more twangy but kinda this cool, edgy twang, like a rock twang,” she added. “It just ended up being a new thing for me, which I’m really excited about.”

And yes, baby Isaiah — Underwood’s first child with hubby Mike Fisher, born in February of this year — even inspired one of the Storyteller tracks.

“We did write a song for the little man,” she confessed with a smile. “I was actually trying to resist that urge, but it just kinda happened and it was really organic and sweet and I think it’s going to be a really cool thing for him to know that that’s his song.”

The 32-year-old confessed that “I kinda feel like everybody expects motherhood to completely change me as a writer and an artist. I feel like it just adds another wonderful dimension,” but was quick to add:  “I’m not going to sit back and make a whole album of mommy songs.”

(Not to be confused with her 2010 hit, “Mama’s Song,” which still always hits us right in the feels.)

“It’s really important to me to stay true to who I was before, but now I just have this other piece of my life,” she explained. “Of course when you get married or when you fall in love or when you have a baby or whatever giant life moments happen, it’s going to work its way into things that you do creatively and me as an artist.”

What do you think of Underwood’s new “Smoke Break” video? Tell us in the comments below!

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Carrie Underwood has announced that she will release a new studio album this fall.

The news comes less than a year after the country superstar took a break after giving birth to her son, Isaiah. The new album is titled Storyteller and is set for release on Oct. 23.

Underwood revealed the news in a Facebook video on Thursday afternoon (Aug. 20), and she also shared the first single from the project, “Smoke Break,” which is being released to country radio today, and will be available digitally by the end of the evening.

The star wrote the song with Hillary Lindsey and Chris DeStefano, and it was produced by Jay Joyce.

“The song itself is just kind of one of those story songs that I feel like everybody can relate to about how life is so hectic and it’s so nice if and when you get to step away for a second, and we all need that time to ourselves, to get to take a break,” she says.

The new record is a comeback of sorts for Underwood, who released a hits collection, Greatest Hits: Decade #1, in December of 2014. That featured her past hits along with two new songs, “Something in the Water” and “Little Toy Guns,” both of which have spent time at No. 1.

“I feel like a lot of the songs that I wrote and gravitated to ended up being more traditional and “twangy” than anything I have ever done before,” she says. “I just went with it! I love the story telling aspect of country music…it’s one of the reasons I always wanted to be a part of it.”

She adds that while there are no duets on the album, “I have a few very talented people who helped out with their beautiful voices in a background kind of way!”

Storyteller is Underwood’s first full studio collection of new songs since Blown Away in 2012.

“I’m so excited about it!” she says in response to Taste of Country’s question during the chat. “I’m nervous, too…just hope everyone loves it as much as I do. We’ve been working on this one for a long time!”

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Photo Credit – Cafe Nashville

Well-wishers filled the reception hall at the BMI building in Nashville Friday afternoon (Aug. 14) to celebrate the chart success of Carrie Underwood’s most recent single, “Little Toy Guns.”

The track hit No.1 on the Mediabase chart and No. 2 on the Billboard country airplay chart.

Underwood was there for the festivities, along with her co-writers of the song, Hillary Lindsey and Chris DeStefano. Underwood is a writer for the BMI performance rights organization. The other two are affiliated with ASCAP.

Just before the three honorees came to the stage to receive their awards, the crowd watched and applauded the dramatic music video of the song.

Underwood was the visual focal point in her perilously high heels and thigh-high black miniskirt.

BMI’s Jody Williams contrasted Underwood’s quick rise to stardom via her 2005 win on American Idol to the step-by-step, years-long process by which most country singers are launched.

His point was to praise Underwood for her rapid adaptation to the demands, hazards and complexities of the music business.

“She learned the business the hard way,” he said, and “instantly resonated with the public.”

The upshot, Williams continued, is that Underwood has sold 56 million albums worldwide, won seven Grammy awards and is currently the country artist with the most digital single sales.

Williams noted Underwood will co-host the upcoming CMA Awards show, the eighth time to shoulder that responsibility, and he complimented her for her “constant commitment to charity.”

Ron Cox, a senior vice president of Avenue Bank, which co-sponsors songwriter celebrations with BMI, announced that the bank, in recognition of “Little Toy Guns,” has made a contribution to the Checotah Animal, Town and School Foundation, the charity Underwood established for her Oklahoma hometown.

Speaking for ASCAP, Mike Sistad reminded the celebrants that DeStefano also co-wrote the chart-topping “Good Girl” with Underwood and that Lindsey had won a Grammy for co-writing Underwood’s first No. 1 single, “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

Lindsey’s songs have also been nominated for Academy Award and Golden Globe prizes, Sistad added.

“So I’m pregnant, and I’m going to cry even more [than usual],” Lindsey sniffled as she accepted her trophies.

DeStefano expressed his appreciation for being embraced into the music business so quickly and thoroughly.

“Since day one of me coming to Nashville, it felt like home,” he said. “I can’t tell you how gratified I am to be a part of the Nashville community.”

“Normally, when we work together,” Underwood said of Lindsey and DeStefano, “I know we’ll have a good day.” She labeled her two co-writers “the best of the best.”

After voicing her gratitude to everyone who stood with her onstage, Underwood then thanked her baby son, Isaiah, who wasn’t at the party.

“He had nothing to do with this,” she admitted, “but I want to thank him anyway.”

Article Credit – CMT

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Carrie Underwood was the big country winner at Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards. Out of the two country-specific categories, the star took home the winning surfboard for both.

The 32-year-old pocketed a fan-voted award for Teen Choice Country Artist, as well as for Teen Choice Country Song with her chart-topping single “Little Toy Guns.” Underwood wasn’t able to attend the event, but she still got the news and shared her excitement from her tour bus on her way to play a state fair.

“Wow! On a bus headed to Iowa & the TV is out, but got word I won TWO #TeenChoiceAwards THANK YOU!!!” Underwood said.

This will tally up to Underwood’s third and fourth wins at the Teen Choice Awards, though she’s received 18 nominations for various awards at the show over the past decade. She won Teen Choice Female TV Reality/Variety Star in 2005 and Teen Choice Female Red Carpet Fashion Icon in 2008.

Underwood had to beat out some pretty tough competition to win this year’s Teen Choice Country Artist, including gal-pal Miranda LambertLuke BryanFlorida Georgia LineHunter Hayes and Blake Shelton. Underwood won favor over teens for the best country song among some pretty great tunes as well, including “21” by Hayes, “Kick the Dust Up” by Bryan, “Sippin on Fire” by Florida Georiga Line, “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt and “That Ghost” by Megan and Liz.

Other Nashville names included on the nomination ballot this year were Taylor Swift, who won Teen Choice Female Artist, and Kelly Clarkson, who was nominated for her single “Heartbeat Song.”

A full list of nominees and winners from the evening can be found here.

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Carrie has a big announcement on Thursday, her team posted this on her Twitter page:

@carrieunderwood: I’ve got some news! Join me on 8/20 at 5p ET for a big announcement + Facebook Q&A! Details:

If you’re around be sure to tune in and we’ll be sure to bring you the big news once Carrie announces it.