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Carrie Underwood is breaking from her history of singing mother-daughter songs now that she has welcomed a son.

The country music star and her husband Mike Fisher welcomed their first child, Isaiah Michael, on Feb. 27. With previous hits about mother/daughter relationships such as “Mama’s Song,” “All-American Girl,” and “Forever Changed,” Underwood acknowledged that she has never had a song pertain to a mother/son connection.

“I just kind of feel a little sad ’cause all my songs are about having girls,” Underwood explained to Unreality TV.

Consequent to the birth of her son, Underwood plans on penning a special song about boys and their mothers in new music that is expected to appear on her forthcoming fifth studio album.

“Like, little boy baby Fisher’s got nothin’,” she joked. “Even ‘Forever Changed,’ which is one of my favorite songs, is definitely like a mother/daughter kind of a song, so… I’m gonna have to get on that.”

Also, “Mama’s Song,” which Underwood co-wrote in honor of her mother ahead of the singer’s 2010 marriage to Fisher, has a “whole new meaning” to the former “American Idol” winner ever since she welcomed her son. As for the new album, Underwood has hinted that she is “definitely” planning on heading back to the recording studio and releasing new music later this year, according to BBC Radio 2.

Meanwhile, in addition to songs about women, Underwood is well-known for her strongly Christian-themed songs, including the most recent hit, “Something in the Water.” The faithful ballad includes conversion and baptism motifs while also encouraging listeners to keep the faith. Earlier in her career, Underwood’s hit “Jesus Take the Wheel” soared on song charts, earning the singer two Grammy Awards for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song.

In a past interview, Underwood dismissed any “risk” behind blending her faith with country music.

“After I released ‘Jesus Take the Wheel,’ people started saying, ‘Oh, it’s kind of risky. You’re coming out with a religious song,'” the 32-singer told Esquire magazine. “And I was thinking, ‘Really?’ I grew up in Oklahoma, I always had a close relationship with God. I never thought it was risky in the least. If anything, I thought it was the safest thing I could do.”

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The angelic voice

Beautiful. Intelligent. Extraordinarily talented. These are just a few words that describe the incomparable Audra McDonald. She has acted on television and in movies, graced theater and concert stages and given a gift to countless fans with a voice that I can only describe as being blessed by God.

Audra has accomplished incredible things in her career. She’s won more Tony awards than any other Broadway performer, most recently for playing Billie Holiday in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill. But I feel the greatest legacy she will leave behind lies in the works she does for others.

Never afraid to stand up for what she believes, Audra is a strong voice speaking out for humane treatment of animals, dignity for the homeless and marriage equality.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Audra during our time on NBC’s telecast of The Sound of Music Live! and I can honestly say that simply being in her presence was a gift. She is mesmerizing. I would often find myself messing up lines or songs because I was in awe of everything she was doing as the Mother Abbess.

I knew from the moment I heard her angelic voice that I was in the presence of greatness, and my thoughts about her were only intensified when I saw a glimpse of her amazing heart. I am proud to call myself her fan—and to call her my friend.

Underwood is a seven-time Grammy-winning singer-songwriter

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Christian country singer Carrie Underwood has really embraced motherhood, so much so that she is inspired to write new songs about her firstborn son Isaiah Michael Fisher on her new album.

Unreality TV UK revealed that Underwood feels that her songs have “a whole new meaning” now that she is a mother herself. She earlier wrote “Mama’s Song” and dedicated it to her mother before she wed National Hockey League (NHL) player Mike Fisher back in 2010, but now she wants to dedicate something to her son.

“I just kind of feel a little sad ’cause all my songs are about having girls,” she joked as she noted some of her other female-centred tracks such as “All-American Girl” and “Forever Changed.”

“Like, little boy baby Fisher’s got nothin’! Eeven ‘Forever Changed,’ which is one of my favourite songs, is definitely like a mother/daughter kind of a song, so… I’m gonna have to get on that,” she said.

Underwood first introduced her son to her fans with an Instagram post of his hand. “Tiny hands and tiny feet…God has blessed us with an amazing gift! Isaiah Michael Fisher – born on February 27. Welcome to the world, sweet angel!” she wrote on her Instagram account (@carrieunderwood).

The songstress later shared a picture of Isaiah in the cutest way possible. She had her sleeping son cradle his father’s hockey stick and she wrote, “The Predators are in the playoffs! Just waiting to get called up!”

Underwood and Fisher earlier bumped heads with regards to their son’s name. The American Idol alum said that she really did not like the name her husband had his heart set on.

“He keeps trying to push the name ‘Bo’ for our little guy,” she told US 99.5 during a radio interview. “I just won’t have it. Bo Fisher? I don’t know. I don’t like it. He thinks of it like a bow and arrow.”

In the end, the couple decided on Isaiah which is a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is Salvation.”

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Congrats to Carrie who scored another Billboard Music Award Nomination the other day. Carrie is nominated this year for Top Christian Song for Something In The Water. She is competing in the category with the following nominees


We’re not too sure if Carrie will be attending the awards just yet but if we find out we’ll let you know. Be sure to catch the show live on May 17th at 8/7c on ABC.

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When a Canadian mother took to Facebook to help out her young son, she had no idea what would happen and who would respond.

Turns out Oklahoma country music star and new mom Carrie Underwood was among the thousands who responded to a post by Melissa Camus talking about how not one child had RSVP’d to her 13-year-old son’s birthday party, according to

Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, was born in Peterbrough, Ontario, Canada, and played processional ice hockey there until moving to the Nashville Predators.

“Some of you have seen me post about my son, Odin. His struggles with bullying, his difficulties with Aspergers,” his mother wrote. “Well, today is his 13th birthday. And, unfortunately, not one kid rsvp’d to his birthday ‘hang out’ invite.”

She said on the website that her son wanted to go bowling and asked members of a local Facebook group to text his birthday wishes and suggest ways to make his day the best ever, the website reported Monday.

All of a sudden, thousands started RSVPing to the event and sending wishes over social media with the hashtag #Odin Birthday.


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Motherhood: Stealing precious glam-time from new moms since forever.

Carrie Underwood claims she didn’t have enough time to get her hair together in a new picture via Instagram on Sunday, March 15, but the new mom couldn’t have been more radiant in her selfie as she showed off her easy time-saving hack.

“No time to fix the hair today. Headband to the rescue! #KeepItSimple @caliabycarrie,” the American Idol winner, 32, captioned the shot, which featured a blue braided headband.

The “Something in the Water” singer and husband Mike Fisher, welcomed their first child, a son named Isaiah Michael Fisher, on Feb. 27, and obviously, late-night feedings and constant diaper changes leave no room for elaborate hair-styling sessions. However, the self-proclaimed beauty addict didn’t cut corners with her makeup.

“I don’t think I ever have makeup-free days, to be honest,” Underwood revealed to Yahoo! Style in November 2014. “I don’t want to walk by a mirror and feel like I haven’t given some sort of effort.”

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NEW YORK, March 5 (UPI) – Carrie Underwood launched fitness clothing line Calia by Carrie Underwood on Thursday.

The 31-year-old singer collaborated on the collection with Dick’s Sporting Goods, and will sell the clothes exclusively through the retailer and online.

“It’s been such a rewarding experience working with Dick’s Sporting Goods on all aspects of the design process for Calia, from choosing fabrics to making sure the look, feel and fit is right for active women,” the star said in a statement.

“The inspiration for this line came from my desire to have clothes that seamlessly take me from workouts to errands, to rehearsals and beyond,” she added. “As someone who is passionate about heath and fitness, I’m excited to offer women a wardrobe that will move with them and encourage them to stay the path of leading an active lifestyle.”

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The country singer welcomed her first child, a son, with husband Mike Fisher on Friday, Feb. 27, Underwood announced Tuesday on Facebook.

“Tiny hands and tiny feet … God has blessed us with an amazing gift! Isaiah Michael Fisher — born February 27,” the first-time mom captioned a sneak peek of her newborn.

Underwood, 31, used the family’s furry members — and pink and blue t-shirts — to announce her pregnancy in

“In honor of ‘Labor’ Day, Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn’t be happier,” the mom-to-be, who debuted her baby belly days later, captioned the photo.

But it was fellow country star Brad Paisley who spilled on the beans on the sex of her baby on the way. “We could name him Garth,” he joked at the CMAs in November.

Despite Paisley’s very public announcement, Underwood and the Nashville Predators hockey player made sure to keep their own reveal more private. “[It was] just the two of us in a nicer setting, but we both knew,” she said. “So, that was just confirming our suspicions. We didn’t really speak of it before because we were both just like, ‘Whatever. It’s all good.’ But we knew it was a boy.”

With weeks to go until her first child’s arrival, Underwood — who turned to using her baby bump as a snack tray — admitted she and Fisher were still working on a baby name.

“We need to lock that down here pretty soon,” she told PEOPLE in February. “We joke a lot about funny things that go with Fisher, but there’s not some family name that I have had to be like, ‘No! That’s terrible!’ ”

As for Fisher, 34, his focus was preparing for his future as a father. “It’s something we’re really looking forward to. I’m just thinking about wanting to be the best dad I can be,” he said.


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Huge congratulations are in order for Carrie and Mike on the birth of their son, Isaiah Michael. From what we can tell he’s going to be handsome guy for sure! Carrie took to Twitter to share the news this morning. We the fans are over the moon excited for you two.