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She’s a singer, songwriter, actress, awards-show host and all-around country music star who’s set to embark on a new North American tour in January.

And Carrie Underwood is also one busy mom.

As such, she’s found the perfect way to squeeze a workout into her hectic schedule without cutting into the time she’d otherwise spend with son Isaiah.

In a clip the “Heartbeat” singer posted to Instagram, she carefully cradles her baby boy to her chest while powering through a set of squats.

*You can view the video on the Today Show website here*

That has to count as weight training and a core workout — all in one.

“Sometimes we just have to make it work!” she wrote in the caption, along with several motivational hashtags, including #StayThePath, #trainingwithbaby and #fitmom

Once the exercise was over, it was time for a good stretch, and this photo proves Isaiah was ready to lend mom a hand again:


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November 15 marks the 10-year anniversary of the release of Carrie Underwood’s debut album, Some Hearts.  In the decade since its release, Underwood has become one of country music’s biggest stars. She has sold 58 million records worldwide, released 21 #1 singles and won seven Grammy Awards. She’s spent 38 weeks atop Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, and her songs have been streamed more than 1.5 billion times worldwide. She’s the only artist in the 51-year history of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart to have her first six albums debut at #1.

Some Hearts is the album that started it all, catapulting Underwood from American Idol winner to international superstar, so let’s look back at some of the highlights of her pivotal debut album.

Some Hearts has sold 7.4 million copies in the United States to date. It is the #1 best-selling country album of the past decade, and the #10 best-selling country album of the SoundScan era (beginning in 1991). Underwood became the first female artist in Billboard history to earn back-to-back honors for Top Country Album: the 2005 release was the best-selling country album of both 2006 and 2007, and the best-selling album of any genre in 2006. It’s the best-selling album ever by an American Idol contestant.

Some Hearts was named Album of the Year at the 41st Academy of Country Music Awards and the 2006 Billboard Music Awards. It won Favorite Country Album honors at the 2007 American Music Awards and helped Underwood collect more than a dozen other major honors for New Artist and singles, including her first three Grammy Awards. Underwood won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2007 and collected back-to-back wins for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for “Jesus, Take The Wheel” and “Before He Cheats” in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher made a vow, and they plan to honor it.

Married for a little over five years, the country music superstar and the professional hockey player are determined to go the distance. In a year when many famous couples have called it quits (like Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton; Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner; Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez), Underwood assures Cosmopolitan that she and Fisher will not be among them. “Everyone is getting divorced,” the “Smoke Break” singer admits. “They’re dropping like flies!”

As she says in the December issue, “We are good. It helped that we were both established before we were married. Neither one of us could be like, ‘I didn’t know it would be like this!'” They got together quickly—the couple met backstage after one of Underwood’s shows in 2008, got engaged in December 2009 and were married in July 2010—but Underwood says they took the time to get to know each other before vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.

NEWS: Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley’s best jokes from the CMA Awards

Though both Underwood and Fisher are among the best of the best in their respective fields, when they’re at home in Nashville with their 8-month-old son Isaiah, they’re normal as can be. “When I am onstage, I am not Carrie: I am Carrie Underwood. Obviously, I would never run off to Vegas and get drunk and marry a guy or trash some guy’s car,” the “Before He Cheats” singer explains. “But everybody has had somebody who’s cheated on them or some jerk they dated.”

Underwood admits that being “Carrie Underwood” has its perks, particularly because she can be more selective about how and when she works. For her peers, though, it’s a different story. “When I go to vote for the Country Music Awards, I have to write in names—I can think of, like, three who are really active,” says Underwood, who will again co-host the awards show with Brad Paisley. “Women have to work harder to get half the recognition. I am one of the lucky ones.”

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As Carrie Underwood settles into motherhood, there’s one thing that comes naturally to the country star –- singing lullabies to her baby boy, Isaiah.

“I sing all the time, I didn’t even realize… He’s just exposed to me singing all the time,” Underwood, 32, told ABC’s Robin Roberts in an interview for the ABC News special, “Countdown to the CMA Awards: Country’s Greatest Crossover Hits with Robin Roberts,” airing on Monday, Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Underwood and her husband, professional hockey player Mike Fisher, welcomed their son in February, and the new mom might be able to get some parenting tips this week from Brad Paisley. The two country stars will team up for the eighth time to co-host the 2015 CMA Awards on Nov. 4 on ABC.

Paisley has two sons, Huck, 8, and Jasper, 6, with his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and he told Roberts he has been singing to his kids since birth.

“‘You Are My Sunshine’ is the first song I sang to my children when they were born,” Paisley told ABC News. “I took actually a little parlor guitar to the hospital.”

Paisley said it was his wife’s idea to sing to the boys when they were born.

“She said, ‘Wouldn’t it be neat if one of the first things they hear is you playing the guitar and singing?'” he said. “So that’s what we sang.

“It’s interesting,” Paisley continued, “Because they know the song and they got to the point where they heard the lyrics and they realized it sounds like such a positive song.”

Watch interviews with Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and several other country stars in the upcoming ABC News special, “Countdown to the CMA Awards: Country’s Greatest Crossover Hits with Robin Roberts,” on Monday, Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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Just days after releasing her fifth studio album, Storyteller, Carrie Underwood has been named the headliner of one of the world’s largest celebrations — the New Year’s Eve countdown from Times Square in New York City.

Underwood will be the star performer in the live telecast of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2016, taking the stage just before the ball drops to announce the new year. In Times Square alone, Underwood’s audience is expected to top one million people, while millions more could tune in worldwide.

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than New York’s Times Square, one of the most magical places in the world, to ring in the New Year,” Underwood said in a press statement.

The telecast begins at 8:00 p.m. ET on December 31st, live on ABC, and will be hosted for the 10th year by Ryan Seacrest. He’ll be joined in New York by Jenny McCarthy, while Fergie will host the pretaped West Coast party from Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Underwood appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as musical guest Tuesday (October 27th), wearing a tasseled white dress and belting out her latest single, the foot-stomping “Smoke Break.” (Watch the video below.) Playing acoustic guitar and singing with radio-ready tone in front of her eight-piece band, her performance was the latest in a string of promotional appearances for Storyteller. Yesterday, the entertainer announced dates for her in-the-round Storyteller Tour.

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Life has fallen into place for Carrie Underwood. The past three years have seen the country pop singer discover parts of herself she didn’t know existed, the journey of which is explored in her new album, Storyteller.

“It is all still chaotic but in different ways now I guess,” Underwood says of her life.

“That title would have worked for previous albums for sure. I was trying to figure out what’s the common thread that goes through the album and that seems to be something that either I’m telling character-based story songs or they are personal stories of mine that I’m sharing so it seemed to be an appropriate title.”

Underwood is speaking to Insider on the phone from her Nashville home. She likes living there because it’s more “laid back” and far away from the glitz and glamour and pressures of everyday life in Hollywood or New York.

The 32-year-old became a mother for the first time in February.

Professional hockey player husband Mike Fisher and eight-month-old son Isaiah are the inspiration for the track titled What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.

“I wasn’t the kind of person that sat around dreaming about her wedding or the perfect guy, I just never really thought about it,” she says.

“And then I met my husband and he is the piece of the puzzle that was missing and I didn’t even know it. Same goes with my son. I always figured we’d have kids at some point but I didn’t really think too much about it and again he is a piece of me I didn’t know I needed to have in my life.”

Underwood, who hopes to tour Australia next year, didn’t rush this fifth studio album. It was written whenever she had a spare moment.

“I’d have a couple of weeks off so I’d write and then I’d go off and do stuff and come back,” she says.

“Then I found out I was pregnant and that was a game changer so I ended up writing before and after being pregnant and having Isaiah.

“So it was a bit broken up, which is not how I normally do things but I actually think it was really good for me to change things up a bit.”

Underwood first came to fame as winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005.

She is one of the most successful artists to come out of the franchise, having amassed countless awards, including seven Grammy’s, 17 Billboard Music Awards and eight American Music Awards.

Despite her 10 years in the public eye, she isn’t completely comfortable in front of the camera.

“It is just really awkward because you want everything to look nice,” she said.

“It is ridiculous. You’re sitting in a room and there are 20 people around you and someone fluffs your hair and somebody else pulls at your clothes a little bit.

“Sometimes I will be in the middle of a photo shoot and be like, ‘wow, what is happening right now’.”

Underwood declares she isn’t a traditional “girlie girl” either. “I do not like romantic movies, I hate Valentine’s Day, I’d rather watch hockey and drink a beer,” she says.

“But then I love shopping and I like to cook and I like my house to look nice.”

Both she and her husband are busy with their respective work lives, but they regularly share images of each other on social media.

It has been five weeks since they went on their last “date night”.

“That was the last date night we’ve had and it was the first in a long time,” she says. “Sometimes you forget and we are like, ‘let’s go out to dinner please’. It doesn’t happen nearly enough. My husband is a professional hockey player and his season just started so we are not going to see a whole lot of each other until playoff’s are over.”

Hockey player husband Mike Fisher and eight-month-old son Isaiah, pictured in one of Carrie Underwood Instagram posts

One thing you won’t see a lot of on Underwood’s Instagram are shots of the couple’s young son.

“I don’t ever want to do anything that could potentially embarrass my son later in life. If I put a ton of pictures out somebody is going to be able to find them when he’s at school and be like, here’s a naked picture of you,” she says.

“I’m just a little uneasy about everyone knowing everything about him.”

Carrie Underwood’s album, Storyteller, is out now.

Originally published as Carrie’s new album a labour of love

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Carrie Underwood stopped by the TODAYshow on Friday in support of her fifth full-length album, Storyteller (which EW’s Leah Greenblatt reviewed here). To celebrate the occasion, GIPHY went behind the scenes with the country superstar to create well one of its most beautiful collections ever (have you looked at Carrie recently?)

Using the just-launched GIPHYCam app, which allows users to create GIFs on their mobile devices (and include some fun filters and overlays), Underwood shared her buzzy four-song set with fans using bitmap images. Our favorites can be found below. View the entire Carrie Underwood GIPHY collection here.

You can view the rest here

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We run down every song on the most anticipated country album of the year

It’s been a decade since Carrie Underwood swept the fourth season of American Idol, kicking off a career that would quickly make her the biggest country female artist since Shania Twain. She’s straddled the border between country and pop music since then, armed with a string of crossover chart-toppers — many of them self-written — that mix the sweep of larger-than-life power ballads with the pissed-off swagger of revenge songs. Storyteller, which hits stores this Friday, plants its flag in a similar intersection, rolling mandolins and synthesizers into the same genre-bending package. Underwood is a mother these days, and Storyteller often feels like the musical equivalent of storytime, shot through with tall tales (and the occasional autobiographical tune) about Wild West women and Bible Belt belles. For the adults among us, there’s also a lot of talk about getting drunk, getting even and getting it on. Below, we break down every track, from the cowgirl clomp of “Renegade Runaway” to the lullaby-worthy “”What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.”

“Renegade Runaway”
Equal parts Wild West rocker and country-pop anthem, Storyteller‘s kickoff track sings the praises of an Annie Oakley-type character who leaves a trail of broken hearts in her wake. Come for the opening guitar riff, which gallops out of the gate like a purebred. Stay for the chorus, which packs all the firepower of “Cowboy Casanova.”

“Dirty Laundry”
Carrie’s man has been cheating again, and he isn’t very good at covering his tracks. “I can tell by the smell of that perfume / It’s, like, forty dollars too cheap,” she sings, catching a whiff of another lady — as well as a lipstick smudge — on his dress shirt. Resisting the urge to go all “Before he Cheats” on his car, she strikes back by airing his dirty laundry — literally — on the clothesline outside, where the whole neighborhood can see his infidelity.

“Church Bells”
Jenny strikes it rich when she marries a wealthy oilman, only to learn that the guy packs a mean punch once he starts drinking. Multiple black eyes later, she lets loose with an assault of her own, slipping something much stronger than diesel into his shot glass. The song ends with a familiar pair of church bells — the same ones that rang during the couple’s wedding day — tolling his death. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in a Carrie Underwood song.

Even power couples need to unplug once in awhile. An ode to her hockey star husband, “Heartbeat” finds Underwood ditching a downtown party and driving somewhere quiet instead, where her beau’s heartbeat replaces the thump and thud of the club they just left. Sam Hunt gets a piece of the action, too, singing background vocals during the power ballad’s chorus.

“Smoke Break”
Storyteller‘s lead single finds Underwood shining a light on the 9-to-5-ers of the world, from the first verse’s blue-collar mom to the second verse’s “big-city, hard-working man.” Producer Jay Joyce pulls double duty as the song’s lead guitarist, turning in a 12-second solo of harmonized bends and arena-rock riffage that rivals anything else from the album’s all-star sidemen.

“Choctaw County Affair”
Written by Jason White and originally recorded by Muddy Magnolias, this courtroom drama stomps and screams its way toward a grinding climax, where the song’s two heroes — a pair of trigger-happy lovers who’re on trial for offing a few of Choctaw County’s notable residents — somehow manage to avoid the electric chair. The song’s real killer, though, is guest star Travis Meadows, who absolutely slays it on harmonica.

“Like I’ll Never Love You Again”
Taking a break from the ball-busting revenge anthems that fill Storyteller‘s top half, Underwood digs down to her roots as a country-ballad powerhouse with “Like I’ll Never Love You Again.” She didn’t write the song — that role goes to the Love Junkies, the same Nashville-based trio that whipped up Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” — but “Love You Again” still feels personal, one of the only tracks here reminding us that Underwood is, revenge albums be damned, a happily married woman.

“I’m done letting you be my heartbreaker, so go ahead and chase her,” Carrie tells a no-good lover whose wandering eyes won’t let him stay put. The song relies less country twang and more on pop bang, with producer Jay Joyce layering drum loops and synthesizers into a Christina Aguilera-worthy chorus.

Like an alcoholic who can’t seem to stay away from the bottle, Underwood finds herself going back to an old lover, hoping to prolong the buzz for one more night. “I ain’t in love with you / This is just time that I’m wasting,” she sings at the beginning of the chorus, whose steadily-climbing melody is one of the album’s biggest moments.

“Clock Don’t Stop”
Another track that pushes Underwood toward the pop side of the country-pop divide, “Clock Don’t Stop” builds its way toward an epic, half-time refrain, where Underwood aspirates her words (“the clock don’t stah-ah-ah-op ticking away”) with mechanical precision.

“The Girl You Think I Am”
Now a parent herself, Underwood sings her father’s praises on this weeper of a tune. “The Girl You Think I Am” spans more than two decades, starting with the memory of an eight-year-old Underwood singing in church and, by the song’s end, wrapping up with the modern-day Underwood — now a wife and mother — promising to remain worthy of her dad’s love. With mandolin and accordion swooning in the background, it’s the perfect father-daughter dance for a wedding reception.

Ever wonder what happened to Underwood’s character from “Somethin’ Bad?” “Mexico,” which finds our narrator speeding toward the border to escape the law, could double as the sequel to last year’s Thelma & Louise-worthy duet with Miranda Lambert. “Take the gun / Hide the gun and the money / I’ll you in Mexico,” she tells her partner in crime, while blue lights light up the horizon. Somethin’ bad ’bout to happen, indeed.

“What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”
A companion piece to “The Girl You Think I Am,” Storyteller‘s closer finds Underwood paying tribute to the two main men in her life: husband Mike Fisher and baby boy Isaiah. The song is half lullaby and half love song, driven forward by a soft, finger-snapped groove that wouldn’t wake her son from his crib. On an album whose biggest tunes swing for the fences, “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” is a calm, cool reminder that the biggest plays often occur at home plate.

Credit – Rolling Stone

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Country star (and new mom!) Carrie Underwood opens up about body issues, breast-feeding struggles, and how she makes her marriage work. Subscribe now for exclusive family photos and an inside look into how she’s adjusting to motherhood, only in PEOPLE!

She’s a perfectionist onstage, but as a mom, Carrie Underwood is navigating the self-doubt that every parent feels when it comes to having a new baby.

You feel guilty about every single thing, every decision you make, everything you do,” the Grammy-winning superstar, 32, tells PEOPLE in a candid new interview at the Nashville-area cabin she shares with her husband of five years, NHL star Mike Fisher, and their 7-month-old son Isaiah Michael.

When it comes to breast-feeding Isaiah, she says she plans to keep it up for “as long as I can take it. It’s hard. My supply is pretty nil. We have to supplement with formula. I’m doing the best that I can, you know?”

The CMA Awards host, whose new album, Storyteller (preorder it here), is out Oct. 23, says she’s more “loosey-goosey” than she ever thought she’d be as a mom — and confesses that motherhood and marriage weren’t always where she saw her life going.

“I never dreamt of my wedding day and the perfect guy,” she says. “Then I met Mike, and I was like, ‘Wow, so now I know what I was missing.’ And the same with my son. I was never like, ‘I want kids so bad.’ And now that I have Isaiah in my life, I’m like, ‘What did I do before?’ ”

For much more of Carrie Underwood’s intimate interview and exclusive personal photos, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Michelle Tauber

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Carrie Underwood Shares Her Flat Belly Trick As She Graces the Cover of SHAPE

How could you not be crazy about Carrie?!

Country superstar Carrie Underwood looks fresh and fab on the cover of the November 2015 issue of SHAPE Magazine, sporting a Calia by Carrie Underwood tank and some pretty great jewels.

The cover comes at the perfect time, considering the singer is promoting her newest album, Storyteller, due out next week (October 23) as well as gearing up to host the CMA Awards on November 4 in Nashville.

So just how does Carrie look so great when she’s super busy? Well… “I will take any type of workout I can get whenever I can get it,” she says, although she does admit, “it’s difficult to find spare time these days.” She does, after-all, have a hockey-playing hubby and a baby boy at home these days. :)

Carrie says 30 minutes is her magic number – the perfect amount of time for her go-to Tabata workout, which she says “really revs up my metabolism.” After Tabata, she can take on the world!

But, if she’s not doing Tabata, then she’s running outside. You’ll never guess her go-to workout playlist. She’s got a little Billy Idol, some Motley Crue and even Guns N’ Roses in her pump up mix.

Lucky for Carrie, she can always look good while breaking a sweat…thanks to her Calia fitness line, which she describes as “exercise clothing that I can actually work out in but that also looks great if I meet a friend for coffee afterward.” Time for some Christmas shopping, don’t y’all think?

And now…for Carrie’s flat belly secret: Make dinner a breadless meal!

The cover girl, who’s both a vegan and a bread lover, says “I’ll have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and I’ll make a sandwich on Ezekiel bread for lunch, but in the evening I’ll have protein and vegetables and no bread. When I wake up, my belly is flat!”

There you have it. Thanks to Carrie, we can all wake up feeling a little bit thinner!

Be sure to get your copy of SHAPE with our girl Carrie Underwood. She even shares some of her glam fashion picks in the November issue!

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