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Brad Paisley is asking fans to be in his new video for ‘Crushin’ It’ by sending in videos of themselves crushing cans. But we never would have thought Carrie Underwood would participate …

Underwood may be as pretty as a picture, but the singer is also very tough. She proved that in a video Paisley posted to his Instagram account, in which she displays a Coke can for the camera which reads “Legend.”

“She’s gonna crush it,” Paisley says from behind the lens.

“I’m gonna crush it” adds the songstress, grinning. A little louder and a lot more confident, Underwood says, “I’m gonna crush it!” She then raises her hand holding the Coke up to her head and crushes it … or so the video would have you believe. She smiles, displaying the smushed can.

“That’s impressive,” Paisley concludes as the clip ends.

This is all part of a forthcoming video for Paisley’s song, ‘Crushin’ It.’ He’s asking fans to send in their own videos, which may make the final cut. It’s simple — all you have to do is finish your favorite canned beverage (beer is acceptable), and then as creatively as you can, crush it! Submit videos here.

The song will be featured on Paisley’s album, ‘Moonshine in the Trunk,’ which is set for release on Aug. 25.

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Every year, fans anxiously await the announcement of the Super Bowl halftime performer … could that person be country superstar Carrie Underwood in 2015?

Sports blog TerezOwens is reporting that there’s a good chance Underwood could take the stage during next year’s big game. Apparently, a lot of signs point to the ‘Before He Cheats’ himaker.

The website says that the performer chosen for Super Bowl halftime 2015 “already has serious ties to the National Football League.” Underwood, of course, is the voice of the ‘Sunday Night Football’ theme song, and she’ll be singing ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night’ at the kickoff of each 2014 season game. The starlet also sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 and helped the Jacksonville Jaguars unveil their new video boards recently. During Super Bowl XLVI’s Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam, she performed with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Another hint it could be Underwood on the stage in 2015? A little insider info. “A few inside sources revealed to us that Carrie Underwood most likely will be doing the super bowl halftime show this year,” the website claims.

Only time will tell who will take the Super Bowl Halftime Show stage in 2015, but if it isn’t Underwood, she’ll at least be involved in the game, as she’s part of the pre-tape kick-off video.

Are you ready for some football?

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There’s no seven-year itch between Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley – the duo are back to host the 48th annual CMA Awards, for their seventh time.

In preparation for their return to the Bridgestone Arena on Nov. 5, Underwood, 31, and Paisley, 41, tried their hands at a game of country music trivia courtesy of the show’s reigning group of the year, Little Big Town. The prize? A collectors’ edition set of Brad and Carrie bobblehead dolls!

Since 2008, the Nashville regulars have danced, sung and joked their way through the annual event honoring country music’s biggest stars. (Remember when Paisley kissed Miss Piggy?)

And if the video above is any indication of what’s ahead for November, the CMA Awards countdown officially – and happily – starts now.

Courtesy of’s Instagram

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iHeartRadio Country Festival In Austin - Onstage

Carrie Underwood fans will be pleased to know the blonde beauty is preparing to head back in to the studio. She says she’s been spending a lot of time writing, and this new music will be a “progression” for her.

“I’ve been writing a lot. It feels really good,” she tells the Hollywood Reporter. This new music may be a little different than what fans are used to from Underwood, but she simply calls it “a new version” of the same Carrie Underwood fans already know and love.

“It’s just a progression, a different sound without losing myself in it,” the songstress — who will voice the ‘Sunday Night Football’ intro on NBC for a second year — assures. “I’m not taking some crazy musical departure from what I’ve done, but it definitely feels different. It will feel different, look different, sound different.”

And now that Underwood has got a huge hit with fellow country sensation Miranda Lambert, she certainly wouldn’t rule out another collaboration with her in the future. They may not have any plans as of now, but that could change.

“‘Something Bad’ was just the right song, the right time,” Underwood explains. “All the stars lined up, and we got to do it. I guarantee that won’t be the last time we sing together, but it just hasn’t happened for this next album.”

Somehow, we think country fans will really appreciate that guarantee!

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NBC Sunday Night Football - Season 2014

Carrie Underwood will be hitting theaters with a new spot featuring her performance of NBC’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ theme.

Underwood will be performing ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night’ during the 2 1/2 minute spot, which will also feature NFL stars in a behind-the-scenes look at making the opening for ‘Sunday Night Football.’

NBC Sports announced the news during their presentation at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Los Angeles on Monday (July 14). The spot will begin airing in over 19,000 AMC, Cinemark and Regal theaters nationwide on July 25.

This season will be Underwood’s second performing the song, set to Joan Jett‘s ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You,’ for ‘Sunday Night Football,’ which finished last season No. 1 in prime time household ratings.

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“Story by Carrie Underwood.” That’s what the credits at the end of Miranda Lambert and Underwood’s brand new “Somethin’ Bad” video reveal. And I found out what it really means is Underwood wrote the treatment for the video.

Trey Fanjoy, the director behind the mock movie trailer, said that her original idea was to take those stereotypical male roles in film and spin that on its head.

“We wanted to have Miranda and Carrie take on those iconic moments, instead of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, like in Ocean’s Eleven,” Fanjoy told me.

“But then Carrie had all these amazing ideas. She wrote her own treatment, and it was the first time she’d done that. Her initial treatment — with photos — was 11 pages of ideas. And my job as a director was just to interpret and filter those ideas to fit it in the 2:49 minutes we had. Carrie had so much great imagery for me to look at. She threw her whole heart into this.”

From the start, Underwood knew exactly what she wanted to see in this video.

“She wanted to see a high-stakes poker game,” Fanjoy said. “She wanted to see motorcycles. She wanted an explosion, a helicopter scene and a mug shot. Those all came from Carrie.”

In the 15 years Fanjoy has been making award-winning country music videos, she had worked with virtually every artist in Nashville — except Underwood. She remembers just how she felt when Lambert brought up the idea a couple of years ago.

“After we wrapped shooting for Miranda’s ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ in L.A., she and I went out for drinks,” Fanjoy said. “Miranda was talking about how much she’d love to do something with Carrie. She said, ‘Man, I just love Carrie.’

“Stylistically, they may be coming from two different places. I always think of Carrie as our American Idol and Miranda is the one drinkin’, cussin’ and getting’ tattoos. But when Miranda talked about it that night, I remember thinking how big that would be. And what a moment that would be for country music.”

Lambert has admitted it took her forever to write the email when she sent the song to Underwood.

“Like I was writing a text to a boy or something — ‘We can do this song if you want to, but we don’t have to, but if you like it? But if you don’t like it, it’s cool,’” she recalled writing to Underwood.

Fanjoy seems to love everything about her job as a video director.

“This is my art, but collaborating with other artists is always my favorite part,” she said. “I get to create with a cinematographer, an art director, A-list hair and makeup and wardrobe people. Then I get the opportunity to collaborate with Miranda and Carrie. That was all so amazing, and I’m honored I got to be a part of it.”

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Somethin’ Bad,” the just-released video for Miranda Lambert’s duet with Carrie Underwood, is heating things up online, much as the single has done on country radio — not surprising given the individual firepower of the two country stars.

But the collaboration was anything but a slam dunk. There was a time after Lambert asked Underwood to join her on the track that she was convinced the answer would be no.

“I was nervous,” Lambert told Pop & Hiss recently. “After I sent her the track, she wanted to live with it for a few minutes, and rightly so.”

For a few tense days, the 30-year-old Texan had convinced herself that Underwood wasn’t interested. Then came the reply.

“She was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’ ” Lambert said. “I respect her. She’s so great. She’s built her own empire. She came by it so fast, but she has kept so poised and classy. Anytime she’s on anything, I know country’s going to look good.”

In the video, directed by Trey Fanjoy, she and Underwood go on a Thelma and Louise-like bad-girl escapade involving a bank caper, a high-stakes card game and a side-by-side motorcycle ride out of town.

For Lambert, it was a chance to bring two high-profile women artists together, a rarity in these days of male-dominated country radio and video.

“Nobody collaborates,” she said. “Well, no girls in country have, hardly at all. So it’s about damn time. There’s not that many of us to collaborate. But they’re coming. The door is open, we’re holding it open, and I know there’s going to be this whole wave of females who are gonna be awesome.

“It goes in phases. Right now it’s the guys time, and pretty soon the girls are gonna take back over, then the guys will take back over. That’s just the way it goes.”

Credit – LA Times

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Carrie Underwood put the finishing touches on a record-breaking Country USA 2014 late Saturday night, and as the lights went out on her stage the plans for upgrading next year’s event begins.

An attendance record of more than 50,000 people came through the gates at Ford Festival Park over the five-day event, and though rain put a damper on Tuesday’s kick-off, the weather cooperated for the most part and kept the concert grounds fairly dry the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Standing water and muddy conditions have been one of the biggest challenges for Country USA fans and workers since the event began 19 years ago, and this year was no different. Between 500-800 campsites were unusable this year because of rain, but plans are already in the works for more water irrigation and paved roadways to help neutralize the rain for next year.

The event also plans on adding more campground sites and additional walkways on the concert grounds. Expanding the concert grounds this year to create more walkway space and more room to move around was an added benefit to this year’s event, especially with the continued growth in popularity Country USA gains each year.

“It’s been a challenging week, we had a little bit of rain, but the biggest deal of the week has been the incredible crowds that we’ve had,” Country USA promoter Dan Liebhauser said. “Attendance is the biggest we’ve had in 19 years. It was a sell out, and quite frankly it was the talent roster that brought that sell out.

“Anytime you put talent together like Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Carrie Underwood all on the same stage at the same time over a week for entertainment, it’s been one of the biggest (lineups) we’ve ever had.”

Next year’s lineup may be even bigger. Country superstars Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert are both on the schedule already for 2015, but the rumors are already swirling for other potential stars in the country music business.

“There’s a rumor out there that we’re getting Eric Church… I can’t confirm that but there’s a rumor that we’re doing that,” Liebhauser said.

Jake Van Camp: (920)426-6661 or jvancamp@

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By Jocelyn Syrstad

Leader-Telegram staff

CADOTT — The thousands of fans who held out against an early evening downpour to see headliner Carrie Underwood perform at the second night of Country Fest on Friday certainly got their money’s worth.

From her very first song, “Good Girl,” Underwood killed her set and had fans out of their lawn chairs dancing and singing along.

By the time Underwood was done, she sang 21 songs over the span of 1 hour, 32 minutes — with barely a break to catch her breath or grab a drink of water. And she didn’t leave her fans disappointed.

The 31-year-old “American Idol” winner and six-time Grammy Award winner sounds just as good live as she does on her studio-recorded albums. Her powerhouse voice, superb tone and wide vocal range kept fans engaged throughout the entirety of her show.

And for those who were wondering if Underwood was lip-syncing or not, it became clear she was certainly singing when she messed up the lyrics to two songs. The first was “Last Name,” when she messed up a lyric, pulling the mic slightly away from her mouth and giving her million-watt smile while mouthing, “What?” The second time came during “We’re Young and Beautiful” when she made a small error in the lyrics. She told her fans afterwards, with a slight giggle to her speech, that she was concentrating too much on her impromptu dancing and had trouble multi-tasking.

It was that bubbly personality and charm that added to the overall appeal of Underwood’s performance. Dressed in a white fringe top, silver skinny pants, brown cowboy boots and a headband, Underwood never stopped moving the entire show. Whether she was adding little dance moves to her songs or walking along the edge of the stage to high-five fans, Underwood was full of energy and charisma the entire evening.

The Oklahoma native played many of her big hits including “Good Girl,” “Undo It” and “Wasted” to open the show and “Blown Away” and “Before He Cheats” to close her set.

The only time Underwood ever lost grasp of her fans was while playing some of her lesser-known newer songs such as “This Time,” “One Way Ticket” and “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun.”

All in all, Underwood’s set included eight songs from her most recent album, “Blown Away,” which was released in 2012. Underwood did tell her fans Friday that she has been working on some new music and couldn’t wait to share it with everyone.

For Underwood fans who have yet to see the country star in concert, it is well worth the time. Underwood looked and sounded phenomenal and didn’t slow down from the time she started to the time she came back on stage for a two-song encore of “Paradise City” — a Guns N Roses cover — and “Before He Cheats.”

It is clear why Country Fest keeps having Underwood back on stage, because she put on quite the show.

Country Fest continues Saturday with performances by Raised Reckless, Big Back Yard, Joel Crouse, Jana Kramer, Randy Houser, Gary Allen and headliner Brad Paisley.

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Carrie Underwood took Wednesday night’s top prize at the CMT Music Awards, but the singer said she felt like a winner before her name was even called because her husband was in the audience.

“It’s pretty rare that he gets to go to an awards show with me,” Underwood told PEOPLE Country of her hockey player husband Mike Fisher. “This show is not during the regular season for hockey, so it’s nice to have that extra support.”

Now that the couple has been married nearly four years, the singer said Fisher knows how to calm her nerves. “If I’m nervous, he’ll be like, ‘C’mon, you have nothing to be nervous about. Just go do what you do and take a deep breath and say a little prayer and you’re good to go.’ Just being able to get a little kiss and go about my way, it definitely has a calming effect.”

Plus, at an awards show, “It’s nice to have a little man candy on my arm!” she admitted. “He’s my most awesome accessory.”

Credit – People Magazine